These are 7 important tips that will lead you to success on the path of e-commerce

In the world of e-commerce, products from every category, from health insurance to shoes, from phones to diapers, are sold as if they were in a shopping mall. Especially after the coronavirus period, many customers prefer to shop on their mobile phones and computers instead of shopping in physical stores. Everyone, including those over the age of 65, who saw that they could do all their monthly grocery shopping at home with a single click, got used to the convenience of e-commerce. While this was the case, many stores and startups got the idea of entering the e-commerce business.

So what are the tips that will lead you to success on the path of e-commerce?

Take care of your website design

You can think of your website as your online store. The more attractive your e-commerce site is, the more your sales will increase. Designing your website as modern and easy-to-use is one of the most important factors for customer feedback. Your potential customers who visit your website need to be able to easily access the products and complete their shopping effortlessly. Customers who are caught in the website’s dysfunction while purchasing products from the e-commerce site are known not to return to the e-commerce store.

In addition, poorly designed e-commerce sites do not trust customers and cannot sell. For this reason, you should give importance to the design of your website as much as you give importance to the design of your physical store and work with a professional web designer.

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Offer special discounts

If you offer your new customers visiting your website for the first time a discount they can’t refuse, they will often condition themselves to shop at your e-commerce store. You can show your special discount coupons to your customers visiting your online store through popup ads and sliders.

You can create special discount coupons for those sites by opening a store membership on customer-oriented websites that aim to publish discount coupons. Thus, you can promote your site and sell to your potential customers who are chasing discounts and are members of discount sites.

Add usage videos to your products

As important as it is that product descriptions are not filled with unnecessary information and are descriptive, usage videos are just as important. Customers often do not spend time reading descriptions and prefer to watch video content. For this reason, you can prepare a video about how to use your product and how to send a product to the customer without keeping it too long and publish it in the product description.

Advertise online to announce your brand

It is one of the biggest mistakes that you do not give it a try while even well-known brands are still advertising on the internet. Advertising plays a big role in getting potential customers to see your website, especially if you have a new brand. You can increase your brand awareness by giving internet ads and you can get sales by applying special discounts to the ad.

Advertisers mostly prefer Google, Facebook and Instagram ads.

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Free shipping

Regardless of the price of the product, the psychological effect of “Free Shipping” in the title of the product puts your product one step ahead of other competitors. For this reason, choose fast and cheap shipments by working with quality cargo companies.

Happy customers

Sending special e-mails to your customers on special days and birthdays will make your brand valuable in the eyes of the customer. There is no reason for you not to make a sale if you include a special discount code in the email! Remember, customers love to be remembered.

Social media

Share your active campaigns, product usage videos, and more on your professionally prepared social media accounts. Answer customers’ questions and complaints on your social media accounts and be active. Social media is very important today to increase your sales.

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