4 websites to keep up with web design trends!

We have shared with you four websites for beginner web designers where you can follow web design trends and expand your horizons. By creating a membership on these sites, you can view the work of professional designers or exhibit your own work.

Moreover, although the websites we will talk about in this article contain content mainly on web design and interface design, there are also many design portfolios such as office design and illustration designs.

Designers’ social media Behance

Behance, the portfolio site belonging to Adobe and which has become the social media of designers, is at the top of our list with its numerous posts. Behance, which supports 18 languages and allows you to create your own design portfolio, provides the service for free.

2. Meet Dribbble

Dribbble is one of the most popular portfolio services, aiming for freelancers to easily publish their projects. Offering two membership options, as a free and pro version, Dribbble offers many nice features, such as multiple shots for pro accounts and an instant creative portfolio feature. Free account users can create their own portfolios with the same Dribbble quality.

3. Online art gallery, ArtStation

After all, our work is online art! It is possible to get paid subscriptions and services through ArtStation, which offers striking features with its eye-catching grid design.

4. DeviantArt has over 350 million pieces of content

DeviantArt, which is a great option for you to promote your artworks and projects to the whole world, contains more than 350 million pieces of art content. That means there is a lot of content for you to be inspired by!

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